Permaculture Pathways

Beautifying the Streets of Portland
Portland Pathways is a project of The Center for a Sustainable Today, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that is dedicated to education about sustainable practices.

We use permaculture principles to beautify the streets of Portland. Our all-volunteer organization revitalizes unused strips of public property along the streets of Portland and design spaces that are friendly to creatures and people alike. We use lot's of pollinator-friendly native plants and add a touch of community-created artwork for a neighborhood friendly touch.

Our projects are initiated by residents who have a desire to beautify their street and have a desire to create eco-friendly spaces that are safe for our waterways and watersheds. Volunteers the design, install and maintain the newly created spaces.

Workshops and work parties are held during the rennovation process to teach about habitat restoration, rainwater catchment, and other permaculture principles.

All of our projects are documented with lots of photo and video so that they can serve as teaching tools for the community.

Permaculture Pathways looks forward to seeing you at our next gathering. To inquire about a project in your area, you can message us on Facebook or email us at

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Project Lead
Pandora Patterson

Pandora began her explorations into the world of gardening when she decided to go to attend a trade school and received her certificate in Ornamental Horticulture in High School. She went on to work as a school landscaper, a plant keeper for a company atrium, a landscaper for an ecovillage, and a florist. She has recently achieved certificates in Urban Permaculture Design and Advanced Permaculture for Climate Resilience. She now owned Frond and Loam a Permaculture Design and Art firm. She serves on the Board as Secretary for The Center for a Sustainable Today and is Marketing Director at Artistic Portland.

Our Projects

Cora Colors Project

A group of neighbors is getting together to beautify some unimproved roadway sides and parking strips in the Creston-Kenilworth neighborhood of Portland, Oregon.

St Johns Greenway

A new pollinator corridor for a greenway in the St Johns neighborhood.

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