Beautifying your neighborhood is easy. Get started with this neighborhood project kit. Just download the Neighborhood Project Startup Kit and follow the simple steps below.

1) Choose a focus area
Select an area on a local map that you can focus on. Draw boundaries to include in your project. You should start with an area that is no larger than 2 sides of a street on a city block. We suggest that you first contact the neighbors immediately adjacent to your property and then expand outward if you don't get enough interest.

2) Inform Permaculture Pathways of your chosen area
When you have chosen the focus area, send this information to Permaculture Pathways at so we can post it on our website. Posting the info on our website will help you get more support for your project area.

3) Sign up 6 property owners
for us to get grant funding for your project you'll need to have at least 3 property owners on board. We suggest that you signup 6 property owners for better maintenance options. Ideal property owners would want to participate in the installation and maintenance of your nature strip, but if they don't you'll have your support crew that rotates maintenance throughout the year. Once you start getting signups your focus area may change. It may shift a bit or expand. PRINT THE SIGNUP FORM

4) Choose a name for your projects
You and your neighbors can choose a name for your project that will go on our website. Will you have art installations? Natural building elements? Shelter for native pollinators or birds? Will you focus on pollinator plants, native plants or edibles? The name can be as simple as 2 cross streets or playful with a creative name.

5) Choose a lead person
Elect a person to lead the project (you as instigator by default?) and a co-lead.

6) Choose a time-line
Choose a start date for your project. You should plan to have 3 work parties to clear the property strips before your planting day. Grant funds can take up to 2 months to get if you want funding to buy your plants. The start of your schedule should be 1 to 3 months in the future.  We process these requests in the third week of each month. So if you want to plant on May 1st then you may want to send us your request by  February 15th.

7) Send us your info
Send your kit info back to us. We have an online form for you to fill out.


Click here to open a PDF of the Neighborhood Project Startup Kit in a browser tab.